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Target Shooting

by gunvgun posted on 05 April 2010

How do I get better at shooting?

To hone your skills you must go to the range frequently and target shoot. If that option is expensive consider firing a gun with less expensive 22 LR ammo like the Ruger Mark III. Although it won't have the same recoil as a higher caliber you will be able to practice affordably.

What are the best guns for shooting?

If you enjoy target shooting you can try a rifle or any gun with a scope. Generally the longer the barrel length the better the accuracy. Another way is to get a full sized gun that can comfortably fit in your hand and endure many cheap rounds without fail, here are some suggestions:

  1. Ruger Mark III - .22 LR
  2. Browning Buck Mark Camper - .22 LR
  3. Glock G17 - Or any Glock because it will last many rounds!
  4. 1911 Style - Classic model usually shoots .45 ACP